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Spiritual Supply Center

Spiritual Cleanse Workshop 

Spiritual Cleanse Workshop 

This is a 3 day workshop. We will cover herbs, oils, Earth elements and flowers that will assist with spiritual cleanses for Love, monet, success, business, career,  removing negative energy, enhancing spiritual gifts, and attraction manifestation. 
Deadline to register is 05/19/23 @ 7pm Cost is $45

Click link below to register

Ancestor Video Class

This class is designed to instruct in the ways of the Ancestors. You will learn altar setup, ancestral offerings and ancestral communication. This is a 30 day workshop which includes your ancestral reading, (2) Zoom conferences and group chat. You have two options for this class, subscribe to my Patreon account to recieve 20% off all classes with $10.99 monthly subscription or you can click the link for website registration. After sign up click the third link to schedule your Ancestral reeading.

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1 on 1 Mentoring

This is a three month or six month mentoring program. Each program is designed for each individual focusing on Ancestors, your Orisha, diet, exercise, meditation, prayer.  All programs will include (1) 30 minute consultation per week including your reading. 

You will be given a reading to confirm what Spirit needs you to work on, along with spiritual development courses teaching the Art of Manifestation! All programs are designed specific for each student. No two programs are alike. I look forward to working with you!