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Spiritual Supply Center

Shadow Workshop

This workshop / challenge is designed to get to the root of your problems. What behaviour is being repeated that keeps you going in a circle. What happens in the years of childhood and young adulthood, these are the experiences that shape us as adults. The things we fear, hide and hurts we have buried will all be brought to the surface in this 2 month workshop. The mission is turning the shadows into strengths. Only the serious need sign up

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1 on 1 Mentoring

This is a three month or six month mentoring program. Each program is designed for each individual focusing on Ancestors, your Orisha, diet, exercise, meditation, prayer.  All programs will include (1) 30 minute consultation per week including your reading. 

You will be given a reading to confirm what Spirit needs you to work on, along with spiritual development courses teaching the Art of Manifestation! All programs are designed specific for each student. No two programs are alike. I look forward to working with you!