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Spiritual Supply Center

The Obedience Challenge

This Challenge is designed to align you with your Ancestors guidance for your life. You will receive (2) Readings (2) Candle Energy Works (2) Baths. Deadline to sign up is May 29, 2021 9:00pm, Readings will be conducted on May 31, 2021 from 12pm until 10pm Challenge Workshop will begin June 1, 2021


1 on 1 Mentoring

This is a three month or six month mentoring program. Each program is designed for each individual focusing on Ancestors, your Orisha, diet, exercise, meditation, prayer.  All programs will include (1) 30 minute consultation per week including your reading. 

You will be given a reading to confirm what Spirit needs you to work on, along with spiritual development courses teaching the Art of Manifestation! All programs are designed specific for each student. No two programs are alike. I look forward to working with you!

2020 Spellcasters Mystery School

Welcome to Spellcasters Mystery School. Six Courses will be offered.

  • The Ancestor Class: This is a 45 minute class that includes your Ancestor altar setup & Ancestor Reading
  • The Orisha Class: This is a 45 minute class that includes Knowledge of the Orisha, Altar setup, Orisha Offerings, Orisha Reading
  • Herbal Magic: This is a 1 hour class that includes basic magical herbs, magical herbs for charging and manifesting, herbs for candle magic, herbs for cleansing baths
  • The Magic Of Oils: This is a 45 minute class that includes working with magical oils, spiritual bath oils, candle magic oils, attraction oils
  • Candle Magic: This is 45 minute class that includes candle cleaning, meaning of colors and moon phases
  • Each class will be followed by a lab.
The Ancestor class must be taken first before any other class can be taken

Please do not enroll in the Ancestor class if you have already taken this course or participated in the Ancestor Challenge

Click Link to register for Ancestor Class

Click Link to register for Orisha Class

Click Link to register for Herbal Magic Class

Click Link to register for Magic Of Oils Class

Click Link to register for Candle Conjure Class