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Reverend Priestess Calister – Spell Casters Mystery School - Review

She began the class with "There are 25 of you now, Spirit has told me that all of you aren’t going to make it."

Spirit was right.

After 3 intense months of prayer, meditation, body conditioning, nutrition, reference materials, communion, and specific spiritual rituals to enhance our knowledge base and fortify us, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I was exponentially different on our last day of class than I was on the first day.

I feel, see, hear, intuit, and even can detect odors differently. This program is challenging because much is required. Regimen, diligence, integrity and carving out time aren’t negotiable if you want to reap the full benefit from the coursework. But when I tell you, it is worth everything you invest into it. You better believe it!

Through consistent communication with my ancestors and spiritual team I’ve seen breakthroughs in family (members of my family who I’ve prayed for, for years and are now experiencing strides I never dreamed of). My primary business has also had a breakthrough! Explosion (in the best ways possible). Additionally, I’ve received two new contracts for consulting work separate and apart from my primary business that provide additional streams of income (Good Ones). And literally, on this day that I am writing this review, I prayed that the money that I spend as I walk this earth be continually multiplied and returned back into my bank account and ONE HOUR later, I got news that an investment that I made years ago which has been up, down, and quite volatile finally yielded thousands of dollars (can somebody say, “cash out - and reinvest!") Giving Thanks!!!!

I give thanks.

I recently purchased the money candle from Priestess and I must say I am proud to say this candle has been a lifesaver for me..since burning the candle I have been winning money on lottery tickets (scratch off and printed tickets)...I have also been receiving money from different places and I can honestly say I am never without money now...Thank you Thank you so much...


Thank you so much the money candle it worked for me it help my business in I’m making more money then ever I will be buying some more candle soon thank you so much


Omg buy the money candle has been a biggest blessing for me in my family my dad hit 10,000 dollars off a stretch off ticket and I also been hitting on tickets im buying as well thank you so much

Thanks Patrice!

: I brought a love candle and love oil months ago I let my candle burn then I put the oil on my hands and took a bath I had my ex in my heart who I care about we broke up then after using the candle he came back we are getting along very well and it worked we are working things out thank you so very much I will be ordering more soon loading up on this product it’s awesome

Ashli Nicole

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